Concrete is one of the strongest materials used in construction because it can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, impacts, abrasions, and it is resistant to chemicals. For these reasons, concrete is ideal to use as flooring in all types of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. However, there are services available to add protective paint coating to concrete surfaces, and this raises the question “do concrete floors need protective paint coating?”

Do concrete floors and surfaces need protective paint coating? Actually, yes, they do. Although concrete is a very strong material, made up of basic elements such as water, cement, and construction aggregate such as sand or gravel, it will eventually erode over time. If not protected, porous concrete slabs and surfaces will erode sooner, especially in areas where there is chemical exposure and high traffic.

How Does Protective Paint Coating Benefit Concrete Surfaces?

Protective paint coating adds a vital extra layer of protection that will extend the durability of concrete surfaces. Besides adding an extra level of protection, paint coatings are a great way to dress up bland concrete surfaces and will simplify maintenance and cleaning.

The best time to apply protective paint coating is right after concrete flooring is installed, as concrete’s porous surface will be properly sealed before any dirt, dust or grime can penetrate into it. Although, protective paint coating can still be applied to older concrete slabs after they are thoroughly cleaned using a high pressure washer and special cleaning products to prepare the surface.

While some property owners may choose not to apply protective coating to a newly installed concrete flooring, in order to save money, not doing so will result in much higher maintenance costs in the future. Basically, protective paint coating is a wise investment designed to preserve the durability, strength and longevity of concrete surfaces.

Other benefits of protective paint coating for concrete surfaces:

• Stain and chemical resistance
• Lowers maintenance costs
• Increases durability and abrasion resistance
• Thermal-shock resistance
• Adds permanent colours
• Provides a non-porous finish that prevents mould, mildew, and bacteria from growing

If you want to keep your concrete surfaces in good condition, then the best solution is to invest in acrylic protective paint.

At All Districts Coating, you don’t have to settle for bland concrete surfaces. Instead, you can upgrade your concrete flooring with acrylic protective paint. Not only will protective paint coating make your concrete surfaces more aesthetically appealing, but it will be easier to clean and maintain, and will last longer too.