When selecting a wall finish, it is often difficult to decide which way to go since numerous options, colours and even patterns are available today. Two popular choices today are paint and wallpaper. Each one has its own unique characteristics, benefits and drawbacks. We will examine the pros and cons of both of these elements in the following details to help you decide which choice is for you.

Pros of Wallpaper

• Versatile styles and options to suit a kitchen, family room, bathroom, nursery or any other room in the house.
• Wall prep is minimal for wallpaper.
• Murals are available in wallpaper to add a sense of elegance to your walls.
• Cost–effective option since most wallpaper lasts for up to 15 years.
• Durability is high when you choose quality wallpaper, and this allows the walls to stand up under daily use.

Cons of Wallpaper

• The application of wallpaper is more difficult in comparison to paint, which increases the installation costs when you are hiring a professional. Also, wallpaper itself is more expensive than paint. All of this makes wallpaper the pricier option as far as an upfront investment goes.
• Matching wallpaper years down the line is difficult since designs often go off the market.
• Stripping certain types of wallpaper to make way for new wallpaper is tedious and time consuming.
• Wallpaper can bubble and even peel off the wall in areas of high humidity.

Advantages of Paint

• An unlimited colour selection is available in paint since shades of it are totally customisable today to fit your needs and desires.
• Paint comes in flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes as well as textured paint.
• Different application techniques are possible for unique looks with wall paint.
• Your initial investment for paint is typically less than wallpaper is, but professional labour costs vary depending upon the application technique for the paint.
• Paint takes less time to apply than wallpaper takes to apply to a wall.

Disadvantages of Paint

• Extensive wall preparation is necessary when applying paint or all the flaws will show through the paint.
• Paint requires reapplication more often than wallpaper does, which can increase the lifetime cost of choosing paint for a wall covering.
• All furniture, flooring and other elements in the room need protection during paint application since the paint can splatter on them.
• Design options are limited in comparison to the patterns available in wallpaper.

For further comparison on the pros and cons of paint and wallpaper, consult with All Districts Coating. We provide a wide array of services, including wallpapering and painting.