Whether you need your home or office renovated and freshly painted, your goal should be the same: to have the best team available handle the job. Most of the time the best teams will have the best supplies on their side and that is what we are going to talk to you about today. Today’s discussion in the world of painting will revolve around sustainable paints. We’ll discuss going green with your painting services as well as the benefits of hiring a painting company that is professional, courteous, and cognisant of their role in the sustainable effort.

The World of Sustainable Paints

Most people probable realise, on some level that the chemicals in paint aren’t entirely easy or clean to produce. This does not mean that there aren’t better alternatives out there. Today we are going to talk about how eco-friendly paint can make a difference in your home or office and how it can benefit the entire painting industry. Let’s first start by talking about what makes sustainable paint, well, sustainable.

If you were to compare traditional paint to sustainable paint you would find that there is a huge difference in the amount of VOCs found within the two options. VOC is an acronym which stands for ‘volatile organic compound’. VOCs are found in everything, both man-made and natural, and their production can be harmful to people and the world around them. For example, a tree and a can of regular paint both contain VOCs — just not in equal amounts.

VOCs are an issue when it comes to regular paint because they evaporate off of the chemicals in paint, once the product is done drying. This can lead to a host of health issues including nausea and is the primary reason why painting must be done in a ventilated area. This is where sustainable paint comes into play. Sustainable paint will have low or no VOCs apparent in them and they must be extensively tested before being able to attain their eco-friendly label.

You should also know that VOCs are not the only way by which sustainable plant is evaluated. You can also look to recycled, bio-based, or all natural paint for alternatives to go a little bit greener. Sustainable paints are a great way to go a little bit more eco-friendly in your personal life while supporting business that are willing and ready to offer that sort of option. General painting services of all kinds can now be accomplished thanks to the viability of sustainable paints. Consult a professional in your area today for more information.