If you need expert restoration of historical treasures at your home, place of business, public building or historical community site, you want assurance that the restoration company you engage for preservation will provide excellent quality craftsmanship. The best historical preservation companies offer teams of experienced, professional project planners and artisans. Each of these experts has extensive knowledge and skills in the art of restoring period building exteriors, interiors, furnishings and decor. Your team will work tirelessly toward restoring your historical house, building or furniture to finest quality, using materials and techniques that will re-vitalize their former beauty while increasing their value, both historically and financially. Historical treasures are essential to preserving the history and significance of different time periods in our national development. For this reason, you should take care to work with proven professionals in the art and craft of historical preservation to refurbish and enhance your antique site, structure or furnishings.

Major Restoration Services Offered by Experts in Historical Treasures Preservation

Top quality restoration companies have the expertise to use modern sealants, paints and finishes to preserve your antique home, commercial building or community centre and its furnishings while maintaining the appearance and ambiance of the structure’s original construction date. By preserving the historical character and charm of your building, these experts will return the structure to its initial time-frame in history, restoring and maintaining its authentic design features and significance. Essential restoration techniques and services offered by the best historical treasures preservation teams include the following:

• Exterior Building Repairs. – Your preservation team will remove all aged and chipped paint from your building’s exterior and refurbish all timber surfaces as needed. All steel or other metal surfacing will also receive rust removal and prevention treatments before repainting or resurfacing is done. Only lead-free, environmentally safe paints and surface treatments will be applied. Where necessary, weather-proofing and double-hung windows may be installed for better insulation and lower costs for heating and cooling of your home, commercial building or community centre. However, window framing will include historical period design, painting or finishes as appropriate.

• Interior Refurbishing Features. – The walls of your historical house or community building will be completely scraped and re-plastered or replaced, as needed. They will then be painted with eco-friendly products including acrylic, enamel or 2-pak epoxy paints. All timber flooring will be smoothed and resurfaced to reveal its original tonalities and luster, and other floors will be resurfaced with acrylic epoxy. Wainscoting will be refurbished, and suitable period wallpaper designs can be ordered, as needed, from national and international suppliers. Antique wooden and brass, copper or glass furniture pieces can also be refurbished using green paints, enamels and finishes.

• Eco-Friendly Techniques.
– The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is actively encouraging restorers to use retrofitting procedures whenever possible for historical restoration projects today. By upgrading existing materials in a structure and repurposing older removed materials, cost-reduction for renovations can be significant. Also, older houses and other buildings have excellent potential for natural cooling through cross-ventilation, since their windows were often placed across from one another in rooms to catch outside breezes far before the days of large electric fans and air conditioning or central temperature control systems. Window shutters and sturdy masonry were originally used, as well, to keep out heat during hot summer weather. During cold days of winter, this massive stone work combined with thick timber shutters helped retain indoor heat and shield building interiors from the cold. These antique architectural features can be quite advantageous and energy-efficient to restoration projects today on historical homes and commercial structures.

By engaging the expert historical restoration services of All Districts Coating located in Minchinbury, NSW, you will receive excellent consultation, advice, planning and workmanship for your home, commercial building or community centre historical restoration project. This top quality team with extensive professional experience in all areas of antique structural preservation and refurbishing will provide you will finest quality services to return your home or other building to its original beauty and value.