There is much planning involved when it comes time to paint your house’s wall exterior. In fact, before a fresh coat of new paint can be properly applied to the exterior of your home, the old paint must first be removed.

Because of this, it is highly recommended to hire professional paint removal services to make sure the job is done right, as professional painters have the tools, the know-how, and the experience to remove your home’s old paint properly. It is the proper preparation of exterior wall surfaces, the quality of paint, as well as the skill of the painters that will produce the best results.

The Importance of Paint Removal Before Painting Your House’s Wall Exterior

If you have ever wondered how the paint on some homes look so good, it is not only because of the quality paint used, but the proper preparation of the surfaces and application of the paint that matters most. Proper paint removal and the preparation of the surfaces, as well as the application of paint requires special training and the right tools of the trade. This is especially important for multi-story and heritage buildings that have unique architectural designs.

While the methods of removing paint differ, as not all surface are the same, sometimes the use of a pressure washer is needed. Pressure washing can effectively remove dust, dirt, cobwebs, mold and mildew, and strip off old, flaky paint. This is why professional painter will use pressure washing whenever possible to save time, and, it many cases, it is the best method to remove old paint.

In the case of metal surfaces such as gates and garage doors, and concrete wall exteriors, sand blasting is another effective method to prepare surfaces for a new coat of paint.

Importance of Hiring Paint Removal Services for Your Home’s Wall Exterior

While the need to remove old paint is very common, it is advised to hire professional paint removal services for the following reasons:

Presence of mould and mildew – it is not uncommon to find extensive mould and mildew that have spread into the surface of old paint, walls, and even into the interior spaces of homes. Because the health risks involved with removing mould and mildew, it is highly recommended to hire professionals paint removal services.

Lead paint removal – while lead paint is not used anymore, on older homes and commercial building it can still be found. Removing and disposing of old lead paints requires specialised services.

Listing a property for sale – a newly painted house is much easier to sell, and if you want to get the most for your home, then hiring professional painters is a must.

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