As one of the leading commercial painting companies in NSW, All Districts Coating is proud of the reputation they have built for producing quality and reliable work in all areas of painting and coating surfaces. Services include internal and external general painting, anti-graffiti coating and removal, concrete and floor sealing, texture coating for concrete surfaces and FC sheeting, waterproofing, paint removal, and protective paint coating for structural steel.

Protection solutions of steel structures are in high demand in NSW, as steel will rust if exposed to oxygen and water. Also, pollutants in the atmosphere can accelerate rusting, these include sulphur dioxide and salts from de-icing practices or from coastal areas. In the process of protecting steel structures, surface preparation is vitally important before any coating systems or paints are applied.

The reason surface preparation is so important is because it makes sure that any dust, dirt, or debris is completely removed to ensure good coating adhesion of protective paint coating.

Structural Steel and Protective Paint Coating

While paint is the most common material to use to protect structural steel, the term ‘paint’ does cover a range of material that have different properties. While the application of paint is not difficult, although often tedious, there is no limit to the size of steel structures or steelwork that can effectively be treated.

Although advancements have been made to modern paints, to provide better protection to structural steel, these are only effective if they are applied skillfully and surfaces are prepared thoroughly. At All Districts Coating, our continued success as a company is directly related to our attention to details, the skillful preparation of surfaces, and the correct application of protective paints.

Paint Coatings for Structural Steel

Typically, paints are applied one coat at a time on top of each other, with each coat of paint serving a specific purpose:

Primers – applied directly to a clean steel surface, the purpose of the primer coat is to make sure good adhesion for the following coats of paint and to provide corrosion inhibition.

Intermediate paint coats – these are applied to build up film thickness of the protective coating system, as the thicker the coating is the longer the protection will last.

Finish paint coat – the purpose of the final coat of paint is to provide the required appearance of steelwork, and it becomes the first line of defence against the elements and sunlight.

No matter the size or nature of your structural steel project, All Districts Coating can custom tailor a protective paint coating system that suits your requirements and budget.