If you want a special paint effect on your walls, to capture a particular mood or to create an ambiance that will transform your space into something unique, then you may want to consider rag paint finishes. Special paint effects, such as rag paint finishes, can replicate various material patterns, such as marble, wood, leather, stone, and virtually any type of textures on all types of surfaces, to add decoratively unique and aesthetically appealing designs.

Rag painting, also known as ragging, is a unique form of faux painting that developed from the use of old rags to create special, decorative textures on walls. While it was a tedious process in the past, today, it involves rolling glaze over wall surfaces to create similar decorative patterns that were previously made with individual rags.

Ragging can produce a variety of patterns using rag rolling techniques over a wet surface. This creates a beautiful illusion of fabrics, such as silks and velvet, which are very popular in the interior designing industry today. It is also often used as a pattern made underneath stenciling.

Many painters offer rag painting services, but the results are often inconsistent. That is because ragging is a specialised form of painting that requires special rollers, training, and employing specific techniques. Professional painters that have this valuable skill – rag painting – are in demand because they can transform a bland interior wall space into a room with class and character.

All Districts Coating Offers Professional Rag Paint Finishes for Walls

If you want high quality, decorative rag paint finishes on your walls, then you can depend on professional painters at All District Coating. Whether you want to achieve paint finishes that are elegant, rustic, or a style that is distinctively unique, we can craft the perfect rag paint finishes for each room of your home or business.

Creating the perfect rag paint finish is easier than one might think, if it is done by experts at All Districts Coating. We employ specialised tools for rag painting as needed, depending on the type of style and design you wish to achieve, with sponges, spatulas, rags, and mini rollers.

There are many rag painting finishes you can choose, but if you are unsure which finishes to use, not to worry, our professionals can help you to create the look that is best for your walls. We stock a full line of commercial and industrial paints that can handle even the toughest challenges.

If you want the best rag paint finishes for your walls, then call the experts at All Districts Coating today.