When your home décor requires an update, you should accomplish it in part with textured paint. Paint such as this provides an innovative design to the walls that is truly unique. On top of this wall covering being different from traditional paint, various application techniques also bring about artistic results when painters use them in conjunction with these paints. Learn about the types of texture paint that is available today in the following details.

Ready-Made Texture Paint

Today, there is a wide assortment of ready-made texture paint that provides a dimensional appearance to walls straight from the bucket. You can use this for ceilings and walls when you want a slight texture on the surface instead of a flat finish. However, this type of paint is not as appealing in appearance close up as it is from a distance. When you desire an effect that will hold up under intense scrutiny, you may need to turn to one of the other methods here in this information.

The Self-Mix Version

With this version of texture paint, the painters mix sand, gravel or other elements with regular wall paint to create the desirable effect on the walls or ceilings. All types of effects are possible with this method since you and the painting experts decide on the specific additives to help you achieve your goal.

Thick, Smooth Textured Paint

You may opt for a texture paint that is thick and smooth, and contains no additives such as the above paints. Trowels and other tools form the texture while the paint is still wet with this style of paint. Many property owners simulate the appearance of stucco or plaster with this method. When a rougher texture is your goal, though, a texturing agent is added to this paint.

Textured Paints Come in Oil-Based and Water-Based Versions

Similar to other paint for the house, these paints come in latex or water-based selections and alkyd or oil-based versions along with flat, semi-glossy, satin and glossy choices. While flat hides the flaws that occur during application, it is not as washable as the other choices are in places such as the bathroom or kitchen. Also, you can find this paint in exterior and interior versions. Always use exterior paint for any area that is exposed to the weather elements outside. Select the type of textured paint that suits your needs in the ideal manner.

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