Many homeowners who want their interiors repainted often do so in the summertime. This came about because of the fact that paints in the old days required a lot of drying time, and they often exuded noxious fumes that made it impossible for a living space to be closed in while paint was drying.

However, nowadays, with the existence of odourless paints and quick-drying ones, there really is no need to keep to ‘tradition’, especially since there are a lot of reasons why summertime repainting is not the only ideal time of the year.

If you are considering an interior paint job, opting for the wintertime may be the best option you have available, for a number of significant reasons:

• Less competition – if you opt to have your interior repainted during the winter, chances are the companies that would otherwise be booked for the summer will have plenty of time to attend to you. Not only does this mean you can pick the best and most reputable painting companies without fear of competition, but there is also a very strong chance that they will offer you lower prices for the wintertime because of the holiday season.

• Better finishes – some paints, if not most interior-oriented paints, dry best without humidity. Because there is a lack of humidity during wintertime, chances are that the desirable finish you want for your interior will actually be possible, and, it might even look better! That is because summertime humidity may cause drying paint to crinkle, crackle peel, or warp – things that you can avoid altogether if you decide to have your interior repainting done during the wintertime.

• Lower prices – if you like to invest in your own paints when you’re hiring a painting contractor, or if you are one of those handy DIY-ers who like to go at things the old-fashioned way, chances are paints and any accompanying tools will be cheaper during the wintertime, thanks to holiday sales and year-end sales; the same rule applies to services who operate during the wintertime.

• Better management – since wintertime is a slow season with very little demands, it will be easier for you to get involved – hands-on, with your interior repainting, to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

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