To enhance building renovations and extensions in a professional manner, you will need an attractive, durable coat of paint on the walls and other areas of these elements. Most commercial buildings have special needs that require different paints and techniques than houses do to ensure that the paint job holds up year after year. For this reason, you should trust this task only to commercial paint contractors, such as the ones from our company of All District Coatings, in order to receive the best possible results for your building. We share the reason why in the following details.

Paint Removal Is One of Our Specialties

Often times, the paint on your existing walls needs removing during a renovation before we can apply a fresh coat of paint. We understand the fastest, easiest and safest manner to accomplish this task. Not only do we strip the paint off the wall, but we also remove any mess from the area to prep it for the next step.

We Offer General Painting

You can receive general painting from our company for both the interior and exterior parts of your building. We can apply acrylic, enamel or 2-part epoxy paints depending upon your needs and preferences. Each type has its own unique characteristics and durability level.

All Districts Also Has Expertise in Providing Special Effects and Finishes

On top of the above general painting, we will apply special finishes and effects, such as:

• Chalkboard paints to allow people to draw on the wall
• Magnetic paints will actually attract and hold magnets
• Rag finishes offer a special ambiance to a room
• Timber staining in place of painting
• Finishes that provide an aged timber look
• Polished plaster

We Apply Texture Coatings

Along with all of the above painting services, we also will apply texture coatings to FC sheeting and concrete surfaces. The texture adds dimension to the surfaces.

Wallpapering Services Also Are Available From Our Company

In place of or in addition to wall paint, you may want us to apply wallpaper. We can attach to the entire wall area or just use it as trim for the paint that we apply to the wall.

All Districts Coating will provide you with additional facts about our commercial paint contractors for building renovations and extensions upon request. We are a leader in our industry here in NSW. Over the years, we have built a reputation for delivering quality workmanship with each job that we perform. All of our painters are highly skilled and bring to you more than 20 years of experience.