Textured coatings can offer more warmth and character to your home or business, whilst adding durability to the paint surface. They offer a low maintenance paint solution that will retain its beauty well into the future. 

The team at All Districts Coating are highly experienced in applying unique textured coatings to interior and exterior walls constructed from numerous substrates including concrete, fibre cement, bricks, cement render, masonry, plasterboard, etc. 

We are skilled in applying a range of different profiles and decorative effects, and can customise textured coatings to suit your preferences and the style of your property. 

Aside from aesthetic appeal, textured coatings possess many benefits for your home or office. Textured coatings offer a great deal of durability; protecting exterior walls from experiencing damage in harsh weather conditions that would result in unwanted repair costs and decrease the value of your property. They are also great for covering up small cracks and defects that would be visible if the surfaces were to remain smooth.

Applying a textured coating to your home or office building will also offer a high level of protection against UV rays, helping to improve insulation and reduce energy costs. In summer, the textured coating helps to retain heat, whilst in the cooler months, heat is prevented from escaping.

Textured Coatings are resistant to water and the growth of mould, mildew and algae. When applied to interior walls, they also resist peeling, sagging and flaking; therefore minimising the amount of maintenance required. Textured coatings are a very low maintenance painting solution, requiring only a low pressure wash with mild detergent to remove dirt. 

The team at All Districts Coatings are specialists in professionally applying textured coatings to commercial and residential properties to increase durability and aesthetic appeal, whilst offering a practical solution. 

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The All Districts Coating team have a vast range of expertise in the professional application of numerous paints and special coatings, as well as significant experience in remedial and restoration processes. Our highly experienced Sydney painters use only premium quality painting materials, accompanied by the highest quality painting standards and execution. We have successfully completed and managed both small and large scale projects in numerous sectors, including residential painting, commercial painting, industrial painting, education, hospitality, retail, health, recreation, and aged care/retirement living.


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