At All Districts Coating, we believe in work that will last. When it comes to your flooring, nothing is more important than making sure that it is properly sealed against potential spills, stains, and damage. One of the most important ways to make sure that your flooring is kept safe and secure, is by sealing it with epoxy floor sealing paint. 

Whether you are the owner of a warehouse or a retail shop, it benefits you to have a floor that can endure spills, harsh weather conditions, duress and more. If sealed correctly by professionals, such as the All Districts Coating team, the floor will only need to be laid once, and then kept in good condition through maintenance. 

Epoxy seal paint is a durable solution that can be used in industrial, residential and commercial applications. This coating is laid over your flooring, typically concrete, to create a barrier to stop dirt and grime from seeping in. 

Concrete is a hard-wearing material, however it can still be worn down by harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic over time. It is a porous product and is therefore susceptible to dirt and chemicals penetrating its surface. Sealing the concrete will apply a protective barrier that will protect the concrete from harsh weather conditions and abrasion, and resist water, grease, deicing salts and oil from permeating the surface. The sealant makes it easier to clean concrete, as it resists dirt and grime. 

Concrete in its raw state can be quite dull and lifeless, however applying a sealant greatly enhances its aesthetic appeal, achieving a sophisticated glossy appearance. The level of sheen can be specified, and the concrete can be coloured and patterned to create the desired decorative effect. 

Epoxy floor seal paint is a cost-effective way to dramatically improve the durability and aesthetics of your flooring. 

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The All Districts Coating team have a vast range of expertise in the professional application of numerous paints and special coatings, as well as significant experience in remedial and restoration processes. Our highly experienced Sydney painters use only premium quality painting materials, accompanied by the highest quality painting standards and execution. We have successfully completed and managed both small and large scale projects in numerous sectors, including residential painting, commercial painting, industrial painting, education, hospitality, retail, health, recreation, and aged care/retirement living.


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