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Lead paint was extensively used in Australia prior to 1965 in both residential and commercial buildings. Lead was commonly used in paints, as it provided the desired pigment and accelerated the drying process whilst also increasing paint durability.

Unfortunately, lead is a toxic substance that is very harmful to our health, and the use of this paint resulted in lead poisoning that can lead to brain damage and even death. Once inside the human body, it can accumulate, causing health problems both now and in the future. Exposure to any amount of lead paint would be a health hazard, even if you were only exposed to small dust particles. Children, especially toddlers, are at greatest risk of getting poisoned from lead paint, as they may swallow paint chips, paint dust or contaminated soil, whilst playing indoors and outdoors. It is also possible for pets to receive lead poisoning from lead-contaminated soil.

Once it was proven that lead-based paints presented health and environmental hazards, many countries banned its use. Since then, lead-free paints such as water-based paints, have become available to use safely in residential and commercial projects.

If you are undertaking a renovation, construction or demolition project where the building was built before 1980, then it is best to call in the experts at All Districts Coating to assess the site and confirm if lead paint is present. Even if a building was recently painted, it is possible that the old, underlining paint was lead-based. However, it is not possible to detect lead-based paints through visual inspection only, although there are tests that can detect if paint is indeed hazardous.

The removal of lead-based paints is a dangerous task that can cause harm to those involved. Therefore, it is a requirement that only those that are properly trained, and using the required safety equipment, should remove and dispose of lead-based paints.

If lead paint is detected on your property, our highly skilled professional Commercial Painters, Industrial Painters, or Residential Painters team will discuss suitable methods with you for safely removing the lead paint. The experts at All Districts have all the necessary training and expertise to identify the presence of lead paint. Once the best method is decided upon, our team will safely remove and dispose of the lead paint swiftly remove all traces of it in a safe and methodical manner whilst adhering to strict safety protocols, industry standards and health requirements. Ensuring the safety of our team and clients is our number one priority during the lead removal process. Safety always comes first.

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