Structural and tank spraying is an important process, as steel will rust if it is exposed to elements such as water and oxygen. The rusting process can be accelerated by pollutants in the atmosphere, such as Sulphur Dioxide, as well as salt from the ocean in coastal areas.

Before any coatings or paints are applied to a steel structure, it is vital that the surface is prepared properly. Preparing the surface involves removing any dust, dirt, or debris that may be present on the steel structure, to ensure adequate adhesion of the protective paint coating.

Although advancements have been made to modern paints to provide better protection to structural steel, these are only effective if they are applied skillfully and surfaces are prepared thoroughly. At All Districts Coating, our continued success as a company is directly related to our attention to detail, the skillful preparation of surfaces, and the correct application of protective paints.

Typically, paints are applied one coat at a time after the surface has been prepared, with each coat of paint serving a specific purpose.

Firstly, Primers are applied directly to a clean steel surface. The Primer creates a barrier for corrosion, whilst ensuring adequate adhesion of the subsequent coats of paint.

Intermediate coats of paint are then applied to build up film thickness. The thicker the coating is, the longer the protection will last.

Finally, the finishing coat of paint is applied to display the desired appearance of the steelwork, and it becomes the first line of defence against the elements and sunlight.

No matter the size or nature of your structural steel project, All Districts Coating can custom tailor a protective paint coating system that suits your requirements and budget.

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