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All Districts Coating is a leading Industrial Painting Contractors Company in Sydney. Our professional and highly experienced team of industrial painters have delivered on-time, reliable and safe technical expertise to large and small-scale industrial painting projects for over 20 years.

Our expert industrial painting contractors have a deep understanding of the many requirements included in Industrial Painting Services, from the interiors and exteriors of ceilings, floors, exposed industrial surfaces, bulky industrial equipment, warehouse floor marking paint and more. Notably, our professional Industrial Painters in Sydney are specially trained to safely handle lead-containing paint products and employ risk-management skills to use industrial chemicals safely.

Rest assured that our leading Industrial Painting Company in Sydney has dedicated project supervisors and liaisons to ensure all Industrial Painting Services run smoothly, on time and on budget. At each stage of our warehouse painting services, we always work within tight site constraints, industrial regulations, safe work practices and protocols.

But don’t just take our word for it – discover All Districts Coating’s impeccable workmanship from our past successfully completed Industrial Painting Projects, which are supported by the use of premium painting products – offering quality and durability.

If you’ve been looking for professional Industrial Painting Contractors Near Me who can fulfil all your industrial painting and remedial painting needs, get in touch with our friendly staff today for a FREE Industrial Painting quote.

Our Industrial Painting Services

At All Districts Coating, we understand the critical role that industrial spaces play in your business’s success. Our industrial painting and remedial services are designed to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your facilities, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. 


Our experienced team of industrial painters specialise in transforming warehouses into organised, efficient, and visually appealing spaces. Our professional painting services include the application of protective coatings that protect your machinery and inventory from corrosion and damage, and we can also undertake structural repairs to address any wear and tear in your facility. We ensure that your warehouse not only functions effectively but also presents a professional and well-maintained image to clients and employees. 


Factories are the backbone of many industries, and our factory painting and remedial services are designed to keep them operating smoothly. We provide protective coatings that resist the harsh conditions of industrial environments, ensuring your machinery and structures have the protection they need. Our professional painting team also addresses any structural issues to maintain the safety and functionality of your factory, ensuring uninterrupted production can continue without downtime. 


Production line facilities require precision and efficiency, and our industrial painting services are tailored to meet these requirements. We use high-quality protective coatings that can withstand the rigors of constant use and are easy to clean, promoting a safe and hygienic working environment. Our team also conducts remedial work to keep your production lines operating at peak performance, minimising any downtime and optimising productivity within your facility.

Why Choose Us?

At All Districts Coating, we’re not just painters; we are your partners in industrial excellence. With over two decades of experience and a wealth of expertise, we bring unmatched dedication and a proven track record of excellence to every industrial painting project. Our commitment to using top-tier coatings and meticulously preparing surfaces ensures longevity, protection, and a pristine finish within your industrial facility. 

What sets us apart is our unique understanding of industrial challenges. We’ve undertaken a wide range of industrial projects, and we can on our knowledge to deliver services that are specific to your needs. Whether you require a warehouse revitalisation, regular factory maintenance, or a revamp of your production line’s painting, we’re ready to satisfy your requirements. 

Choose All Districts Coating and elevate your industrial facility into a well-organised, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing environment. Contact us today and let’s paint a brighter future together.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of industrial painters are there?

There are several different types of industrial painters, including commercial painters, who paint the exteriors and interiors of buildings; residential painters, who paint the exteriors and interiors of homes; and automotive painters, who paint cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Other types of industrial painters include marine painters, who paint boats and other watercraft, and aerospace painters, who paint airplanes and other aircraft. Industrial painters may also specialise in a particular coating or painting technique, such as powder coating or spray painting.

What are the benefits of industrial painting?

Industrial painting has several benefits, including improved appearance and increased durability of the surface being painted. Our industrial painters in Sydney also protect surfaces from damage caused by weather, corrosion, and other environmental factors. Additionally, industrial painting can improve the safety of a work environment by providing better visibility and slip resistance on floors and other surfaces. Industrial painting can also help to increase the value of a property by enhancing its visual appeal. Overall, industrial painting is an important aspect of maintaining and improving the function and appearance of industrial facilities.

What are the most common types of industrial painting?

The most common types of industrial painting include commercial painting, residential painting, and automotive painting. These types of industrial painting typically involve the use of a variety of coating materials and painting techniques to protect and beautify the surfaces being painted. Other common types of industrial painting include marine painting and aerospace painting, which are specialised forms of industrial painting that involve painting boats and airplanes, respectively. Industrial painters may also specialise in a particular type of coating or painting technique, such as powder coating or spray painting.

How much does it cost to paint an industrial unit?

The cost of painting an industrial unit can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the unit, the type of paint and coating materials used, the complexity of the job, and the location of the unit. In general, the cost of industrial painting can range from a few thousand dollars for a small unit to tens of thousands of dollars for a large unit. It is best to consult with a professional industrial painting contractor to get a more accurate estimate of the cost of painting an industrial unit.

Do I need a permit to have my property painted?

Whether or not you need a permit to have your property painted depends on where you live and the regulations in your area. In some cases, a permit may be required for certain types of industrial painting or construction work, mainly if the work involves structural changes or using specific materials. It is always best to check with your local building department to determine if a permit is required for the painting work you are planning to have done on your property.

Who should I hire to paint my industrial property?

When hiring an industrial painter in Sydney for your industrial property, it is important to choose a contractor who has experience and expertise in industrial painting. This will ensure that the work is done correctly and that the finished product is of high quality. You can look for industrial painting contractors in your area by searching online or asking for recommendations from other business owners. Be sure to check the contractor’s credentials, including their license and insurance, and ask for references from previous clients to ensure they are a reputable and trustworthy company. The team at All Districts Coating are licensed, vastly experienced and have great expertise in delivering personalised services within a variety of industrial painting projects. 

How often should I consider repainting my industrial facility?

The frequency of repainting industrial facilities depends on factors like the type of industry, environmental conditions, and the quality of the previous paint job. In general, industrial spaces may require repainting every 5 to 10 years. However, our experts at All Districts Coating conduct assessments to determine the specific needs of your facility, ensuring that repainting is done at the optimal time to maintain both aesthetics and functionality.

How do you ensure safety during industrial painting projects?

Safety is paramount in industrial settings. At All Districts Coating, we adhere to strict safety protocols and ensure that our team is well-trained in industrial safety practices. We conduct thorough risk assessments before starting any project and provide appropriate safety equipment and measures. Our goal is to minimise disruptions to your operations while maintaining a safe environment for all involved. We take safety seriously, ensuring that our industrial painting projects are completed with the highest standards of security and efficiency.

What’s the difference between industrial painting and commercial painting?

Industrial painting typically involves painting large structures and facilities such as factories, warehouses and production facilities for manufacturing purposes. These projects often require specialised coatings that can withstand harsh industrial environments where exposure to chemicals, high temperatures and heavy machinery is common. The primary focus of these services is on protection and durability.

Commercial painting covers a broader range of settings, including offices, and retail spaces, schools, and healthcare facilities with the purpose of enhancing aestetics appeal and creating an inviting environment. While both commercial and industrial painting require great skill and expertise, the key distinction lies in the type of setting they work in and the goals they set out to achieve.