The most successful restoration painting projects involve plenty of planning for preparing surfaces for painting. Here at All Districts Coatings, we ensure that all of our commercial painting services in Sydney are finished on time, and on budget with outcomes that look professional and last a long time. When you partner with reputable commercial painting contractors like All Districts Coatings, you will have successful outcomes with any commercial painting project.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you are bringing in the right commercial painting contractors in Sydney for the project.

Commercial building surface inspection

When it comes to restoration painting, it is important that your commercial painting contractors inspect the surface of your building. A typical commercial building surface inspection includes searching for areas where imperfections are found such as around windows, gutters and other areas where water may possibly have a chance of being in contact with the surface.

Reputable painting contractors generally will also search for pest damage, whether it be caused by rodents, birds or insects – all of which can have an impact on the damage to a building’s surface. The surface inspection process is a very important step for restoration painting services as it ensures that all the surfaces that need attention are observed and fixed.

Protection of interior and exterior surfaces

A major aspect of commercial painting services in Sydney is to guarantee that all surfaces are protected, including those that are not going to be painted. For example, office furniture and carpet near interior walls should be covered with a protective tarp or plastic. Landscaping such as bushes near exterior walls should also be covered. Painters tape is generally used on hardware, windows and on outlets during this stage.

Authorise Appropriate Airflow

Ventilation is very important within the interior of a building during any restoration painting project. Paint will tend to dry and cure more quickly and efficiently when there is proper airflow present. Adequate airflow ensures that there is no increase in paint fumes within the building. 

Here at All Districts Coatings, we are well prepared in creating appropriate airflow and are experts in preventing toxic fumes or odours from being a problem. This may include exploring what windows and doors are able to be opened when the painting is carried out or looking at HVAC systems.

Proper Surface Cleaning Methods

When All Districts carry out commercial painting services in Sydney, a major step in preparing walls for painting is to efficiently clean surfaces. A majority of surfaces are cleaned using a pressure washer to clean any harsh grime off surfaces. For instance, where there is paint that has been peeling off, it can be entirely cleaned using a pressure washer. On the other hand, where surfaces are more delicate, gentle cleaning methods are applied such as utilising a soapy cloth or a soft-bristled brush.

Once surfaces have been cleaned, they require appropriate drying methods. Paint will not stick to wet, unclean surfaces. It may take a couple of days for surfaces to dry if they have been cleaned using a pressure washer, so it is vital that enough time is allowed for the surface to dry. To speed up the drying process, fans can be used as long as they do not cause dust and dirt to stir up in the air.

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Partnering with a reputable commercial painting contractor in Sydney is essential for receiving the best service and reducing any unwanted and unimportant costs down the track.

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