It is a unfortunate reality that external paint on residential, industrial and commercial buildings in Sydney cannot remain fresh and new forever. The humidity, pollution, temperature, sunlight exposure, wind and rain can all impact the longevity of your exterior paint. Fortunately, you can depend on All District Coatings to supply quality paint restoration and expert painting maintenance to keep your property/home or office building looking like new.

Australia is known for its harsh and dry weather and therefore it’s important to know how long hot periods and sustained exposure to sunlight, can affect the external paint on residential, industrial and commercial buildings in Sydney.

Humidity and Temperature’s Effect on Exterior Paint

Paint expands and contracts due to changes in temperature, which can lead to damage such as cracks and peeling to the surface of the paint, making your building look old and tired. Our professional painting services cater to these issues by suggesting appropriate maintenance solutions and exterior paint that will work best to address the impacts of time and weather on your building.

Sunlight’s Effect on Exterior Paint

Paint can fade quickly, especially in hot Sydney summers when UV rays are at their highest. Long periods of sun exposure can cause the paint to lose its original glow or become chalky when overexposed. This significantly decreases the lifespan of your painting contract. Our painting services aim to minimise distress caused by the sun by using paints that offer UV protection.

Due to the large scale of residential and commercial painting it is always recommended to choose a professional paint coating company to ensure the long life of your exterior paint. We have successfully completed and managed small and large scale projects in numerous sectors, offering apartment painting services, industrial painting services and commercial painting services across Sydney.

Best Weather for Apartment, Residential and Commercial Painting

The lifespan of exterior paint not only depends on the quality of the paint, but also on the weather conditions during painting. In order to ensure the best paint application, All District Coatings always considers weather conditions when painting. The specific brand of paint used also contributes to the end result, however in general the ideal weather for applying large scale apartment painting in Sydney is:

  • Temperatures between 10°C and 35°C.
  • Never paint in rain, as the materials get too exposed to water accelerating the breakdown of the paint.
  • Never paint when very windy, as the paint could dry too fast or debris can get stuck in some paint layers.

Maintain Fresh Exteriors with Our Paint Coating Company

The location of your residential, industrial and commercial buildings in Sydney will dramatically affect what type of painting services you will require. At All District Coatings we aim to tailor our services to fit your commercial or residential painting needs and consider all weather factors and environmental impacts when painting your building.

For over 20 years, the All Districts Coating team of Commercial Painters in Sydney have successfully completed and managed residential paintingstrata paintingcommercial painting and industrial painting, specialty coatings and paint restoration projects. We owe our success to the hard work of our skilled team, a dedication to using premium quality products and an overall focus on delivering exceedingly precise and refined solutions for our clients. If you require Commercial Painting Services in Sydney, contact us for an assessment and quote at (02) 9064 4040.