The presentation of your office plays an important role in making a good impression on your customers. If your office is run down with flaking paint, customers are likely to form a negative perception of your business and its services. Therefore, it pays greatly to have a neat and well presented office when trying to attract customers to your business.

Working in a beautiful office space also helps to increase the productivity of staff. Working conditions that are pleasant and comfortable help to foster productivity, as staff feel at ease and enjoy being in the office. Therefore, a beautiful office can greatly improve the perceptions of both your staff and customers.

The simplest way to beautify an office is with a fresh coat of paint. All Districts Coating can professionally paint your office, no matter how small or large the office space is. We will work with you to determine a schedule of works that won’t disrupt your business’ operations, and can conduct painting and remedial work outside of business hours.

We will employ the utmost care to ensure that all of your office furniture and equipment is protected from paint splatter. Our specialist team will also ensure that any surface damage is remedied and all surfaces are prepared properly before painting, to ensure a positive outcome. 

The friendly All Districts Coating team can also assist with deciding on an appropriate colour scheme that will compliment your office space and branding. If you would like to add a feature wall to your office to attract customers attention, our skilled artisans are highly skilled in a range of special effect techniques. Some of these include faux painting, gilding, murals, polished plaster, etc.  We can skilfully mimic textures of surfaces such as marble, wood, leather, stone and fabrics, to create unique effects. 

All Districts Coating can help improve the quality and aesthetics of any office space. We will work with you to successfully satisfy your project requirements and budget.

Our Projects

The All Districts Coating team have a vast range of expertise in the professional application of numerous paints and special coatings, as well as significant experience in remedial and restoration processes. Our highly experienced Sydney painters use only premium quality painting materials, accompanied by the highest quality painting standards and execution. We have successfully completed and managed both small and large scale projects in numerous sectors, including residential painting, commercial painting, industrial painting, education, hospitality, retail, health, recreation, and aged care/retirement living.


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