Hotels, Motels and Clubs attract hundreds of visitors each day. The appearance of the premises, including paint quality, forms a large part of brand identity. Therefore, a premium quality paint finish along with stylish design, will help to add value to your brand, resulting in visitors feeling comfortable enough to want to come back again and again. 

All Districts Coating have over 20 years experience in professionally painting small to large multi-storey hotels, motels and clubs. We provide painting solutions and remedial services for both the interior and exterior of the building, having successfully painted a range of properties including, bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, hotel/motel guest rooms, reception areas, restrooms, halls, stairs, and more. 

Our experienced project management team will devise a schedule of works that will cause as little disruption to residents, staff and patrons as possible. If necessary, we are available to work outside of business hours, in order to complete the job with minimal impact and in a timely manner.

Whilst completing painting and remedial work, our team go about their tasks with the utmost care and attention to detail, to ensure that any existing furniture is protected from paint splatter. The All Districts Coating specialist team will also ensure that any surface damage is remedied and all surfaces are prepared properly before painting, to ensure a positive outcome. 

Our artisans are highly skilled in a range of both modern and traditional techniques, including faux painting, gilding, murals, polished plaster, etc. We can skilfully mimic textures of surfaces such as marble, wood, leather, stone and fabrics, to create unique feature walls that are sure to accentuate your brand. 

In addition to painting and remedial services, we also offer a vast range of coatings and restorative services including protective coating of steel structures, maintenance, floor and concrete sealing, non-sacrificial and sacrificial coatings to help with the prevention and removal of graffiti, and more. Our team focuses on delivering the highest quality workmanship, services and products on time and within budget.

Our Projects

The All Districts Coating team have a vast range of expertise in the professional application of numerous paints and special coatings, as well as significant experience in remedial and restoration processes. Our highly experienced Sydney painters use only premium quality painting materials, accompanied by the highest quality painting standards and execution. We have successfully completed and managed both small and large scale projects in numerous sectors, including residential painting, commercial painting, industrial painting, education, hospitality, retail, health, recreation, and aged care/retirement living.


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