If you own a commercial building or an apartment complex, chances are you will find yourself in need of professional strata painters Sydney. Professional strata painters are on hand to offer you a complete service to help you select the right colour and paint product for your building, as well as provide you with high-quality finishes to guarantee long-lasting results.

You may be wondering when restoration painting services may be required for your building and how to ensure you are hiring an experienced and reputable painting contractor. Luckily enough for you, our expert team at All Districts Coating have pieced together a guide on hiring professionals for restoration painting services.

Restoration Painting

Tell Tale Signs Your Building Needs Restoration Painting

  • Paint Is Peeling Or Cracking

If peeling or cracking of paint is visible on the exterior of your building, you should consider hiring professional strata painters Sydney. There is no doubt that your worn and outdated exterior walls are being noticed by your customers or tenants of your building, causing your business to look unprofessional and, in some instances, unsafe. Such problems that are not addressed promptly can cost a lot of money in repairing and recoating.

  • Paint Colour Is Fading

A major sign that it is time to call in the experts is when you notice that the colour of the paint on your building is fading. It may be time for a new coat of paint if your building no longer appears lively and fresh.

  • Building Needs A Refresh

In most instances, it is recommended to refresh the exterior of your commercial building with restoration painting services every three to five years. This can aid in avoiding any fading, bubbling or cracking of paint. It is important to keep up with the maintenance of your building, ensuring that everything is vibrant and clean to allure customers and clients.

  • Present Colour Scheme Does Not Align With Your Brand

If you have been in business for many years and you have altered your brand identity, it may be time to update the exterior of your building. A new coat of paint that depicts your brand’s colour scheme, as well as one that matches your logo, can showcase to your customers and clients that you have grown as a business.

Paint Colour Refresh

Tips On How To Choose The Best Painter For Your Project

When hiring professional strata painters Sydney, there are various factors to take into consideration. Ensure that you hire a painting contractor that is qualified and experienced. Experienced painters are comprehensively trained and educated on everything from technique to onsite safety procedures. Also, try asking for any recommendations from friends and family to see if they have had a good experience with their painters. This will help you examine the quality of work that they offer. 

It is crucial that you obtain estimates as well as meet the professionals in person. Meeting your potential strata painters will help you get a good feel for who they are and how they communicate. A good estimator will go through the effort of learning your needs and expectations and will want to gain a complete understanding of the project at hand. Things such as labour, materials, report of prep work, number of coats to apply, the time span of the job, as well as the brand and model of the paint that will be used, should be incorporated into your estimate.

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Partnering with a reputable strata painting contractor in Sydney is essential for receiving the best service and reducing any unwanted and unimportant costs down the track.

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