When was the last time you repainted your warehouse? Business owners often neglect the importance of an aesthetic warehouse for impressing business partners, clients, and employees. But unlike the storefronts of commercial businesses, the warehouse is not just a valuable marketing tool as a neglected warehouse can cause dangerous health issues and deadly structural problems.

All Districts Coating experienced warehouse painters have over 20 years’ experience in successfully completing industrial painting projects for both the interior and exterior of warehouses, factories and production line facilities. We owe our success to our impeccable workmanship supported by the use of premium painting products and quality restoration techniques.

Industrial warehouses require routine maintenance, but the intensity of operation and environment affects the life span of an industrial coating and how often maintenance is needed for the facility. All Districts Coating’s professional warehouse painters look at a few considerations – paint deterioration, staining, mould and corroded surfaces- to judge how much repairs and repainting is required.

Commercial painting for industrial and mixed-use buildings requires strict regulations and durable tools. So, if projects are not planned correctly, a refresh of paint can be required sooner. All Districts Coating can make professional recommendations regarding which painting techniques and products will offer the greatest durability and protection, given the warehouse’s heavy-duty nature.

By applying high-grade and high-density paint, we can make a beautiful finish last longer, even for factories, car parks, warehouses, and local authority offices.

Deteriorated Warehouse Paint

Heavyweight machinery and equipment with frequent use results in quicker wear-and-tear on your warehouse, from significant scratches, holes and large cracks. In addition, frequent use of harsh chemicals, high temperatures and elevated humidity levels cause rapid fading of warehouse paint.

Even in low-traffic areas of a warehouse where heavy work is not so frequent, over time, all paint coatings start to show visual signs of deterioration, such as fading colours, hairline cracking and peeling paint. 

Depending on the last time your warehouse was painted, there is a possibility of dangerous health effects, as often paint used before 1978 has high traces of lead. Lead paint exposures can lead to serious health problems and can possibly be fatal, including, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, and memory problems.

As a business owner, it is hard to keep track of everything, but your employee’s safety is the most critical factor to operation, so, don’t risk their safety. Get a free quote for your warehouse paint today with All Districts Coating.

Water Stains and Mould on Warehouse Paint

Whether your warehouse paint problems are internally or externally, they not only have adverse effects on the business aesthetics but can cause dangerous health issues. In particular, water damage is a frequent occurrence in warehouses as water stains, leaks, and drips may be unidentifiable in large-scale warehouses.

One of the easiest ways to identify if your warehouse has extra moisture, is peeling paint, as often peeling paint is a sign that something more problematic is going on in your warehouse walls.

Water condensation and moisture build-up can be devasting, leading to many undesirable effects, including cold spots, fungal growth, severe pest infestations and structural breakage. Our experienced warehouse painters at All Districts Coating will identify the cause of water infiltration during our inspection and rectify the problem before we prepare the paint application.

Unclean Surfaces on Warehouse Paint

Water condensation causes metals to rust, corrode and crack; if this is happening to your paint, the layer of protection for your walls isn’t fully present. Water condensation can deteriorate your entire building if not rectified immediately.

Our experienced warehouse painters at All Districts Coating Sydney, will scrape, sand, and pressure wash the warehouse building before applying a fresh coat of paint to ensure no dangerous issues pop up in the near future. Our professional warehouse painters have the skills to remedy any imperfections and damaged surfaces prior to applying paint; we make sure all surfaces are adequately prepared before painting commences, providing the best possible outcome.

In addition, infrequent cleaning and unclean surfaces can damage the structural integrity of your warehouse industrial property. Warehouse areas can get very dusty if the floor is not sealed correctly. A fresh coat of paint will brighten the warehouse, as light paint reflects natural light and reduces the need for extra artificial lighting.

The capabilities of All Districts Coating extend far beyond painting. We also offer a range of other services that may be beneficial to the maintenance and preservation of your factory, including structural and tank spraying, waterproofing, applying fire protective coatings to steel, high-pressure cleaning, sandblasting, graffiti preventative coatings, graffiti removal, concrete and floor sealing, and lead paint removal.

How Much Does Warehouse Painting Cost?

At All Districts Coatings, our Warehouse Industrial Painters are highly experienced in managing projects from ideation right through to realisation. We will handle all aspects of the project to ensure that all areas are satisfied, and warehouse painting costs are within budget. Our Warehouse Painters will also work with you to ensure that your business’ operations can continue with as minimal disruption as possible.

Stay rest assured your warehouse building is safe with All Districts Coating. Our qualified and highly skilled team can assist with painting offices, production floors, lunchrooms, restrooms, reception areas, stairs, boardrooms, building exteriors, roofing, and more.

For over 20 years, the All Districts Coating team of Commercial Painters in Sydney have completed and managed residential paintingstrata paintingcommercial painting and industrial painting, specialty coatings and paint restoration projects. We owe our success to our skilled team’s hard work, a dedication to using premium quality products, and an overall focus on delivering exceedingly precise and refined solutions for our clients. If you require Commercial Painting Services in Sydney, contact us for a free commercial painting quote today at (02) 9064 4040.