The sounds of hammers and saws fill the air as summer officially arrives, reminding many building owners that it’s officially renovation season!

Notably, as painting the exteriors of large-scale apartments is not a project that can be done at any time of year, summer is usually the best time to book apartment painting services.

Although as one of the most experienced paint coating companies in Sydney, All Districts knows that the optimum time for apartment painting is a bit more complex as timing depends on several factors, including the weather in your area, your schedule preferences, and your budget.

So, to determine if summer is the perfect season for your apartment painting services, consider the following six signs.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Unfortunately, the success of your apartment painting endeavour is frequently determined by the weather conditions. Instead of adapting your project to fit the weather, you’ll need to adjust your painting project to suit the weather.

Summer is often thought to be the best time for exterior apartment painting, as the temperature is pleasant and there is little rain at that time of year. However, “summer” does not mean the same thing (or encompass the same months) in every area, so focusing on days with ideal weather rather than a general season is essential.

Extreme heat on either end of the spectrum should be avoided for exterior apartment painting since it might cause paint to dry prematurely, leading to the application of excessively thick or thin layers. Therefore, as a leading paint coating company, we do not paint while the sun is aggressively bright to avoid this.

Generally, temperatures between 18-32 Celsius is ideal for apartment painting. Paint may thicken at temperatures below 10 degrees, whereas it can thin at higher temperatures.

As one of the most reputable paint coating companies in Sydney, our professionals are also wary of large temperature swings from day-to-night. If the weather is excellent throughout the day but suddenly drops when the sun sets, the paint will react and not cure correctly. This might result in a less-than-smooth surface, as well as cracking and peeling.

Is Your Area Humid?

The effects of temperature and humidity on the quality of an apartment painting job can be considerable. Paint will dry slowly if there is too much humidity in the air, leading to cracking later. While applying too little will dry out too soon, giving you the same outcome.

Summertime brings greater humidity to many places, which might make apartment painting more complicated — but this isn’t always the case. You’ve got one key aspect handled if you know your location doesn’t grow more humid in the summer. However, if it becomes too hot, you might have to choose to paint at a different time of year.

Is There Any Rain Predicted?

Skilful paint coating companies will never schedule apartment painting when the weather is wet; this period includes the days leading up to and after your painting day. If it rains before you paint, your siding may need to dry for a few days before you can paint. The same is true after the application: you want to ensure it won’t rain the next day while your paint is drying.

Has the Winter Weather Taken a Toll on Your Apartment Painting?

The combination of a low outside temperature, moisture and wind can cause your exterior apartment painting to crack and peel throughout the winter. Ice can accumulate in your gutters and eaves, causing the apartment paint to be damaged when it melts. This water vapour condenses and soaks into your exterior paint or siding, resulting in peeling paint in the spring.

Hence summer painting allows you to repair any damage that occurred during the winter immediately. If you don’t, the chipping and peeling of your paint will only become worse with time.

Do You Need Graffiti Removal?

All Districts are not only one of the best paint coating companies in Sydney, but we are also a reputable graffiti cleaning business! Therefore, we know that when it comes to graffiti removal, the temperature is crucial.

In warm climates, graffiti dries faster and penetrates deeper than in cooler climates during the summer months. Therefore, before we come into the middle of summer, you must speak to our graffiti cleaning business to effectively remove the damage.

While it may be tempting to remove graffiti yourself, it is essential to remember that removal solutions include strong chemicals that emit hazardous odours. Such products are dangerous to your health and represent a severe threat to the environment.

Therefore, employing an expert graffiti cleaning business is critical since inexperienced users with insufficient equipment can permanently damage structures if care is not taken or the wrong materials are utilised. All Districts’ expert graffiti cleaning businesses can break down severe graffiti build-up even if it is old and has absorbed into the structure.

What About Interiors? When is the Best Time for Interior Apartment Painting?

Since apartment interiors are generally regulated, temperature and humidity may be easily altered to create the best environment for the best paint application. Therefore, interior apartment painting can pretty much be completed during any season and under virtually any circumstance.

Although, in general, as one of the most experienced paint coating companies in Sydney, we see many clients choose to get interior painting in the summer since it’s easier to open the windows and doors to avoid fumes from accumulating and allow for faster drying.

How Much Does Apartment Painting Services Sydney Cost?

At All Districts Coatings, we are one of Sydney’s most experienced paint coating companies. Our apartment painting contractors Sydney are highly experienced in managing commercial and apartment painting services in Sydney from ideation right through to realisation.

Our apartment painters Sydney will also work with you to ensure that your daily residential operations can continue with as minimal disruption as possible. We will handle all aspects of the apartment painting project to ensure that all areas are satisfied and costs are within budget.

For over 20 years, the All Districts Coating team of Apartment Painters Sydney have completed and managed strata paintingcommercial painting, residential painting and industrial painting, specialty coatings, graffiti cleaning business, and more restoration painting projects.

We owe our success to the hard work of our skilled team, a dedication to using premium quality products and an overall focus on delivering exceedingly precise and refined solutions for our clients. If you require Apartment Painting Services in Sydney, contact us for a free apartment painting quote today at (02) 9064 4040.