There is an undeniable stereotype involving garage floors that have gone around for ages. Garage floors are frequently depicted as dirty, grime-encrusted, and leeched through with old oil and other odd stains, and all for good reason – ill-maintained garage floors, and plain concrete garage floors do collect stains, dirt, and grime.

It may seem that no matter how much you brush your garage floors with soap and water, chances are once oil stains and grime have seeped into bare concrete, it’s there forever. A lot of folks choose to opt for tile flooring in their garages, but while these are easy to clean, they aren’t exactly proper for a garage floor since they lack traction and are known to scratch and chip with relative ease.

If you’re keen on keeping your concrete garage floor in pristine condition, an excellent solution is to invest in acrylic floor paints. Acrylic paints have been around for a very long time, and while their original purpose was for exterior painting, many other varieties have been developed of late for a wide assortment of applications.

Here are just some of the many advantages and benefits that acrylic paints can provide for your garage floor:

• Impermeability to stains and moisture – one of the most problematic things about unsealed concrete garage floors is that these are prone to staining. Acrylic paints provide a durable protective layer that helps to prevent hard-to-remove stains like oil spills from seeping into the concrete, solving the common dilemma of unsightly stains in garages.

• Easier clean-up – untreated garage floors are some of the most difficult to clean up after, especially since concrete is porous. Add a layer of acrylic paint on top however, and it is easy to wipe or wash off dirt, food, grime, or other stain causing material that falls on it.

• Protective surface – concrete, though durable, is not above chipping and cracking. In a very active garage, this is an unavoidable drawback that comes about from the inevitable clang and bang of tools, equipment, or other hard objects. Acrylic paints can cover over most of the chips and cracks on concrete garage floors, and even help to prevent them from occurring, as it acts as a protective layer on top of the concrete minimising any damage caused to it.

• Better aesthetics – who wants a drab-grey concrete floor when there is a choice to pick and choose between over two hundred different colours? You can jazz up your garage floor the way you want it!

Don’t settle for a bland concrete garage floor. Instead, upgrade to a better, cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing garage floor, with your choice of acrylic floor paints and sealers, from All Districts Coating.