Experienced and versatile commercial painting companies can provide a customised paint job for your home or office interiors today. Good quality painting companies offer teams of professional painters who understand the practical need for surface paints that are durable and easy to maintain. At the same time, they appreciate your desire for attractive, beautiful home or office wall colours and textures to complement and enhance your home or office decor. These skillful, accomplished painters will discuss your requirements and specifications before helping you to select interior wall treatments that will completely satisfy your painting ideals. Because there are currently a wide variety of practical solutions to create your vision of the perfect interior wall colours and finishes, you can be sure of achieving the look and ambiance you desire by working with truly reliable and skilled painting pros.

Popular Modern Paint Finishes and Special Effects for Interior Walls

Some of the most frequently requested specialised paint finishes or effects include the following:

• Chalk Board and Magnetic Paints.
– Many people now choose to include a working chalk board in their home or business setting. Especially at home, young children benefit from practicing writing the alphabet, doing simple math problems or simply drawing and doodling on the family chalk board, which is often placed on a wall in or near the kitchen. Parents, teenagers and other members of the household can use the convenient board for jotting down notes to one another and making shopping or “To Do” lists each day or week. As your painting experts will advise you, the most important aspect of creating your new wall chalk board is to use a strong, dependable magnetic primer underneath the board’s top coats of chalk board paint. This will provide strong magnetic action to secure magnetized content like alphabet letters, notes, drawings or paintings to your board while providing a smooth, lasting board surface for long-term writing or drawing with chalk.

• Rag Finishes.
– If you want a soft, creatively textured look on certain walls of your home or business interiors, rag painting may be your best choice. Especially in smaller rooms and areas such as breakfast nooks, bathrooms, utility rooms and vestibules, this textured effect can lend a more expansive, spacious feeling to the space. Your expert painters will help you decide whether to go with a “ragging on” paint application or one that is “ragging off.” The “ragging on” method entails letting the wall’s base paint coats dry completely and then skillfully dipping a clean, rolled rag in the topcoat of paint or paint mixed with glaze. Your painters will then pat the wall’s surfaces with the paint-coated rag repeatedly until the entire wall’s surface is covered. When using the “ragging off” style, your painting professionals will paint your wall with the topcoat of your selected paint using rollers and brushes. Next, using a clean, damp, rolled rag, they will dab the still wet topcoat, creating a free-form pattern across the wall’s entire surface.

• Polished Plaster. – Polished plaster, or Venetian plaster, is a pleasing effect achieved by applying multiple layers of plaster to your walls followed by a hand-buffing procedure after each coat dries. Even very small rooms or cramped spaces will glow with new vitality with the tasteful, light shine of polished plaster on their walls. Polished plaster walls also offer a sense of traditional luxury that can enhance the beauty and fashion of even very modern decor.

• Aged Timber Finishes. – For a warm, appealing ambiance in one or more rooms of your home or office, you may want to use an aged timber finish on the walls. After your painters apply the base coat of paint, they can add the look of a wood grain of your choice. This can be done by skillfully combining oil-based paint and paint thinner or glazing. After applying this mixture in sections, they will form the grain look by using a wood-grain rocker. By feather-bushing on varied hues of paint, your painters can give your walls the convincing look of irregular wood grain formations found in natural antique timber. Rubbing some surface areas with steel wool can also result in a natural wood grain look.

• Timber Staining. – Stained natural timber walling can be very attractive in certain home or business settings. Partial timber-stained walls are also appealing and can be completed more quickly than all-wooden walls. Your painters can also accomplish a faux wood wall with true-to-life looking wood grains and color staining of your choice. By applying thin layers of wood stains and repeatedly texturing the surfaces to resemble natural wood grains, your pro painting team will finish your interior wall areas to truly give the appearance of natural timber.

By consulting the highly experienced, professional painting team at All Districts Coating in Minchinbury NSW, you will receive finest quality advice and interior painting services for your home or commercial needs. Your freshly painted and skillfully finished walls will glow with new vitality and beauty, greatly enhancing the entire decor of your living spaces or business offices to the delight of everyone in your household or company.