The next time you take a tour through a newly re-modelled kitchen or a finely maintained warehouse, pay close attention to the painting finish on all of the surfaces. We are talking specifically about concrete and fibre cement sheets, such as those you would see on a kitchen counter or on the floor. Many times, people will turn to texture coating in order to give these materials the desired finish that they deserve. Texture coating can be a great benefit to the appearance of your property as well as its longevity, but most people don’t consider it without being prompted. Let’s look over a few benefits of opting to go with texture coating services.

Advantages of Using Texture Coating

When you look at cement or concrete sheets you’ll notice one trait that they both have in common: they aren’t particularly attractive. While concrete and fibre cement sheets are popular in homes and buildings all around the country, they require a little bit of dolling up in order to make them look their best. That is why homeowners and property owners turn toward professional painting services to bring in a texture coating onto these materials. Let’s see why you should join them by looking at the specific benefits of textured coating paint services.

1) Durability – The leading reason to consider texture coating is that it gives your concrete and fibre cement sheets a more durable build. With texture coating applied you will find that your surfaces are more able to withstand temperature shifts, peeling, flaking, and potential growth of algae or fungi. Outdoor materials that have been coating with texture paint will find that they are resistant to wind, UV-rays, and even water.

2) Aesthetics – Nothing quite shouts ‘well done’ like a textured finish. Textured coating applied to cement will give your look a gritty finish that is both modern and refined. This can greatly enhance the value of your home as it will look even more attractive to potential buyers. You can also use texture coating to cover up small cracks or defects on otherwise smooth surfaces.

3) Maintenance
– We’ve already pointed out how resistant texture coating paint is to a variety of different problems, so it stands to reason that your maintenance costs will plummet. With low-to-no maintenance, this is a money saving decision that you can make today.

Texture coating is ostensibly an easy way to finish your surfaces to give them a nicer and more durable look. Texture coating is easy enough to do on your own, but we suggest going to a professional craftsman in order to ensure the final product meets your needs.