Of all the main concerns of maintain a building, it is the prevention of water damage that is definitely near the top of the list. One of the best ways to prevent water damage from occurring is to have exterior walls waterproofed. Exterior waterproofing walls adds a solid protection against water from entering through basements and keeps dampness and moulds from developing in the foundation of buildings.

There are also other benefits that come with waterproofing exterior walls, one is that it eliminates the need to have water pumps available to remove and channel away water that may accumulate in the basement of buildings. Other benefits of waterproofing exterior walls are listed below:

Protects the structural integrity of a building’s foundation – external waterproofing walls prevents dampness from reaching the foundation of a building, thus providing the ultimate water protection, which in turn improves the structural integrity of buildings. Dampness and water buildup cause foundations to crack, and when that happens, expensive repairs are needed. Waterproofing exterior walls give property owners a peace of mind knowing that their buildings are safer from structural damage.

Protection against mould and mildew developing – there is nothing good about finding mould and mildew in buildings, that is because these create a serious health risk that can cause respiratory problems that can trigger asthma, making breathing difficult. Young children and elderly are more at risk. Because mould and mildew develops in damp areas, waterproofing exterior walls makes sure that basements of a homes or commercial buildings are always dry. In this way, buildings have safer and healthier environments.

A solution that lasts a lifetime – because of the dangers that dampness and water pose to homes and to people, there are many solutions available, but they only provide temporary relief from dampness problems. However, only waterproofing exterior walls delivers a permanent solution that will last a lifetime.

Increase property value – ask any realtor, a wet basement is considered a ‘red flag’, as it is a sign that means there could be not only plumbing problems, but a damaged foundation. When exterior walls have been waterproofed, it adds up to 10% value to a property, and, it has a positive effect on potential buyers and realtors.

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