If you are planning to renovate the rooms of your house, and you want to consider different styles for wall painting so you can interior design your home just the way you want, then there are many wall décor ideas and paint colours to choose from.

Just imagine, the first time you saw the rooms in your home, such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, bathroom, or the kids’ room, you were probably not too concerned about the walls. Instead, like most people, it was the choices of fabrics and furniture that took up most of your focus. However, it is really the paint on walls and vibrant hues that cause a room to come to life.

Different Styles for Wall Painting to Consider When Interior Designing Your Home

While plain white walls serve a basic purpose for rental apartments – they provide a neutral background, various colours of paint can imbue a room with style more effectively than fabrics and furnishings. If you are seeking inspiration from different styles for wall painting, then have a look at some ideas below that can help you interior design your home:

Zen décor style – today’s modern world can be hectic and stressful, and one of the best ways to counter this is to create a zen décor style at home. Zen style for wall painting includes soothing earthy, natural colours, such as greens, white or light beige, along with wood flooring or tan brown rugs can create a truly tranquil space you can retreat to at the end of the day.

Victorian style
– without a doubt, using a Victorian palette of decorating colours is definitely a popular choice if you have plans to interior design your home. Traditional colours include earth tones, deep hues of amber, red, dark brown and emerald, as well as neutral shades of gray. However, present day Victorian décor styles offer a brighter selection of colours to choose from.

Classic décor style – if you are not influenced by yearly interior design trends, and you want a stylish décor you can count on to last for years, then consider the classic paint colours to add style to any room of your home. Colours include tried-and-true neutral hues of Poised Taupe, Dover white, Extra White, Classic French Grey, Cascade Green, Alabaster, Tricorn Black, and Naval, just to mention a few.

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