With magnetic paints, you are supposed to be able to create a wall that magnets can attach to for various purposes. While these paints may seem useful, you may wonder if they are worth the effort and how well they will actually work on your wall. For this reason, we offer you a further explanation about what these paints are made up of and just how magnetic they are once you apply them to the wall.

What Are Magnetic Paints?

Magnetic paints are similar to other interior paints with the exception that they contain fine iron particles in them. The iron particles make these paints magnetic in nature. When painters apply them to the wall, these paints create a dark coating that is sometimes a primer for the application of latex or other wall paints. It depends on the desired look as to whether or not a separate paint is added on top of the magnetic paints. Painters must thoroughly mix these paints to ensure that the iron bits are evenly distributed throughout the paints before applying them. These paints create a unique texture on the wall and due to this fact, they are not ideal as a primer for chalkboard paint.

Covering the Magnetic Paints With Other Paint Will Reduce the Strength of Their Magnetism

You may want other types of paint over the magnetic paint for cosmetic reasons, but remember that the more coats of latex or other paints that painters apply over magnetic paint, the weaker the magnetism is and this may influence your decision. If you need the magnetism at full strength with the magnetic paint, you may prefer no other paint on top of it.

Which Magnets Work on These Paints?

Heavy magnets may not adhere to magnetic paints securely. They may slide right down the wall since these paints are not as strong as a steel sheet is for magnetic hold. Lightweight ones that are strong are the ideal ones to pair with magnetic painted walls since they will hold paper elements. If you need to increase the strength of the magnetic paint, have the painters apply twice the recommended coats.

Ensure That the Paint Is Completely Dry before Attaching Magnets to It

Always allow magnetic paint to dry completely before attaching magnets to it. If you ignore this fact, you can pull the paint off the wall.

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