The talented team at All Districts Coating have been providing Restorative & Remedial Residential Painting, Industrial Painting and Commercial Painting Services in Sydney for more than 20 years. Our professional team works together to deliver high quality workmanship which is backed by our use of premium quality painting products. With vast experience and expertise, ranging from surface preparation and painting, to restorative coatings and remedial painting, our team of Commercial Painters in Sydney are well equipped to tackle any job, regardless of how big or small the project is.

No matter what type of building you operate, whether it be a Commercial, Residential or Industrial Painting project, there are a range of possible options for you to properly update and maintain the surfaces of your building. From restoring heritage buildings, adding protection from fire and water damage, or ensuring that visitors have an enjoyable and comfortable stay with low odour paints and expert wallpaper installation, you can fitout your building professionally with Restorative Coatings & Remedial Painting Services from All Districts Coating.

Residential Painting & Remedial Services

Our Commercial Painters and Strata Painters in Sydney can assist with a range of restorative and remedial painting services for both the interior and exterior of residential buildings:

●      Apartment Building Painting & Remedial Services

●      Hotels/Motels & Club Painting & Remedial Services

●      Aged Care Facility Painting & Remedial Services

●      Strata Painting & Remedial Services

Apartment buildings, hotels, motels, clubs and aged care facilities are high traffic areas that require regular maintenance and remedial painting, in order to maintain an environment that is pleasurable to reside in; resulting in return visitors and happy residents. Whether you require the rectification of poor waterproofing to guarantee the safety of residents and patrons, or you wish to apply low odour natural coatings to minimise health effects, the Commercial and Strata Painters at All Districts Coating can professionally apply a range of Restorative Coatings and undertake Remedial Painting services to keep your residential premises well-protected and looking its best.

Commercial Painting & Remedial Services

All Districts Coating offer a range of Restorative and Commercial Painting Services in Sydney, including:

●      School Painting & Remedial Services

●      Church Painting & Remedial Services

●      Retail & Shopping Centre Painting & Remedial Services

●      Office Complex Painting & Remedial Services

●      Hospital & Health Care Painting & Remedial Services

●      Car Park Painting & Remedial Services

●      Corporate Building Painting & Remedial Services

●      Heritage Building Painting & Remedial Services

Commercial projects, such as School Painting and Hospital Painting, are often large scale projects that require careful and effective management. At All Districts Coatings, our Commercial Painters are highly experienced in managing projects from ideation right through to realisation. We will manage all aspects of the project to ensure that all areas of the brief are satisfied, and commercial painting costs are within budget. Our Commercial Painters will also work with you to ensure that your business’ operations are able to continue with as minimal disruption as possible.

Industrial Painting & Remedial Services

The professional team at All Districts Coatings can assist with a range of restorative and remedial Industrial Painting services for both the interior and exterior of industrial buildings:

●      Warehouse Painting & Remedial Services

●      Factory Painting & Remedial Services

●      Production Line Facility Painting & Remedial Services

Partnering with a Commercial Painter in Sydney is an important aspect of maintaining business operations. Through Industrial Painting and regular maintenance, you can minimise the possibility of having to halt business operations in order to fix issues down the track. The application of restorative coatings such as Intumescent & Fire Protection Coatings to improve structural integrity in the event of a fire, or Structural & Tank Spraying to protect steel from rusting, are effective ways to protect industrial buildings and business assets.

For over 20 years, the All Districts Coating team of Commercial Painters in Sydney have successfully completed and managed residential painting, strata painting, commercial painting and industrial painting, specialty coatings and paint restoration projects. We owe our success to the hard work of our skilled team, a dedication to using premium quality products and an overall focus on delivering exceedingly precise and refined solutions for our clients. If you require Commercial Painting Services in Sydney, contact us for an assessment and quote at (02) 9064 4040.