A well presented office interior and exterior with professional commercial painting is a crucial element in creating a positive experience for both employees and customers. Commercial buildings that appear to be neglected with damaged and flaking paint fail to attract customers, possibly hindering business growth and sales conversions. Also, employee productivity is greatly improved when working conditions are comfortable. Beautiful surroundings and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in creating a positive working environment that encourages productivity.

Unfortunately though, over time paint surfaces will lose their attractiveness, becoming worn down by the natural elements, as well everyday wear and tear, including bumps, knocks and scrapes. Therefore, commercial building paint requires regular maintenance from commercial painting companies in order to conserve and restore the appearance of the building, as well as protect the building’s integrity.

There are many commercial painting related issues that may arise and need attending to, including graffiti, fire and water damage, or the discovery of hazardous substances such as lead paint. All District Coatings offer a wide range of Restorative Painting and Commercial Painting Services in Sydney that will help to protect commercial buildings from future damage and maintain a high quality appearance.

If you are interested in learning more about the Commercial Restorative Painting Services that we offer, below is a brief overview of four of our most commonly requested services. Otherwise please contact our friendly team for detailed information on the Commercial Painting Services and Commercial Painting Costs involved in a Commercial painting restoration project.

Graffiti Removal & Prevention

Graffiti is quite often a deterrent for potential customers, particularly if the graffiti is offensive or ugly. Therefore it’s important to act promptly to remove any graffiti that does appear. This is particularly important as the graffiti will gain greater adhesion to the surface over time, which in turn, makes it more difficult to remove. Prompt graffiti removal will ensure the graffiti can be easily erased by a Commercial Painting Contractor.

Here at All Districts Coating, our Commercial Painting Contractors in Sydney are highly experienced in graffiti removal, as well as the application of anti-graffiti coatings that aid in protecting paint surfaces from potential graffiti. We offer both sacrificial (short-term solution)  and non-sacrificial (long-term solution) anti-graffiti coatings. If your commercial building has been vandalised or you simply wish to prevent it from occurring in the future, then reach out to the All Districts Coating team today for professional graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coatings.

Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint was commonly used in Australia up until 1980, due to its durability and fast drying times. Lead is a toxic substance that negatively affects our health, including conditions such as lead poisoning and brain damage. Any amount of exposure to lead paint, even if it’s just small dust particles, can be harmful to our health. Therefore, lead paint must be removed with care by professionals who are trained in the safe removal and disposal of lead paint. If your commercial building was built prior to 1980, then it’s best to call in the expert Commercial Painters at All Districts Coating to assess the site to see if lead paint is present. If lead paint is detected, our team of professional lead paint removalists can remove and dispose of the lead paint, whilst adhering to strict safety protocols, industry standards and health requirements.


Waterproofing involves the application of protective treatments to structures, in order to prevent water and moisture from penetrating surfaces and weakening the structure. External waterproofing plays a particularly important role in preventing liquids from reaching a building’s foundations and works to maintain structural integrity. Dampness and water can damage building foundations, causing them to crack; which then results in the requirement of major repairs at significant costs.

When waterproofing is not performed correctly, issues including water leaks, mould and water damage, may arise. These issues can lead to health conditions such as respiratory issues, and so it is crucial that waterproofing is carried out by professionals. At All Districts Coating, our tradesmen are fully qualified and highly skilled in waterproofing and rectifying issues related to protecting surfaces from liquid damage.

Fire Protective Coatings

The extreme temperatures experienced during a fire can cause steel to lose its load-bearing capacity and stability. Intumescent coatings are applied to prevent the steel from becoming unstable when critical temperatures are reached during a fire. In the event of a fire, a chemical reaction will occur, causing the intumescent coating to expand and form an insulating layer around the steel that works to slow the temperature rise of the steel.

When applying intumescent paint, it’s imperative that it’s sprayed in an even consistency and to a certain thickness that is compliant with regulations. The process is highly involved and should be carried out by professional Commercial Painters who are highly trained and qualified to do so.

For over 20 years, the All Districts Coating team of Commercial Painters in Sydney have successfully completed and managed residential painting, strata painting, commercial painting and industrial painting, specialty coatings and paint restoration projects. We owe our success to the hard work of our skilled team, a dedication to using premium quality products and an overall focus on delivering exceedingly precise and refined solutions for our clients. If you require Commercial Painting Services in Sydney, contact us for an assessment and quote at (02) 9064 4040.