Timber staining is a very popular and effective way to add stained colour and protection to timber flooring, timber decking, or timber structures like saunas and fencing. Timber staining, when done right, adds character and charm to your home and its surrounding, and it will even increase your property’s value.

Here at All District Coating, we specialise in timber staining. Our experienced timber specialists are very thorough throughout the whole process, from the sanding and preparation of timber flooring and surfaces, all the way to the final staining finishes. From start to finish, you can expect the best results.

There are many painting contractors and trades people who claim to specialise in timber staining. Unfortunately, there are many bad experiences told by property owners that have had their timber flooring and surfaces botched or unsightly damaged from contractors who didn’t prepare timber surfaces or apply finishes correctly. Honestly, with the right training, timber staining is not difficult.

The Simple Process of Timber Staining

While tedious, timber staining is a simple process, it includes specific steps, that when done right, produces amazing results. The process includes the following steps:

Choosing the right stain finish – the first step in the process is to choose the correct colour stain for your timber. This requires ascertaining the type and density of the timber, and then applying test samples to determine the right colour. Once the right colour finish is chosen, then the timber surface can be prepared.

Preparing the timber – this is the most important step in the process, as the timber surface must be sanded smooth, and then any previous stains need to be removed using a special wood-cleaning solution.

Removing dust and debris
– just before applying the timber stain, the surface must be cleaned of all dust so as not to be trapped in the finish.

Applying the finish – baseboards are taped before applying the timber finish, so that no stain gets on the walls. The timber finish is then carefully applied using either a brush or rag, with special care taken to the corners.

Final sealing – after applying the stain, a special clear coat of varnish or polyurethane is applied to timber flooring and surfaces for a perfect finish.

Properly stained timber flooring and surface produce dramatic colour effects with amazing results. It is possible to darken, lighten, or emphasise the grain of your timber flooring and surfaces, with the simplicity of timber staining, by professionals at All District Coating.